Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!
Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!
Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!
Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!
Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!
Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!

Gold Blanket In A Box Kit!

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Have you ever wanted to knit your own chunk blanket but weren't sure what kind of yarn to use or how to find a decent video to teach yourself how? ME TOO! That's why I've designed this kit and included everything you would need to get started!

Each kit comes with incredibly soft and thick chunky chenille yarn packed in a cute carrying tote. You will also receive access to a step-by-step tutorial video making this the perfect gift or the perfect weekend project!

I have created your kit based off of our most popular selling blankets that we make over at!

This DIY Chunky Knit Blanket Kit is easy and fun to use! It comes with everything you need to get started. Inside of each bag are instructions on how to access your free step-by-step video tutorial.

Fun for all ages - No knitting needles needed - No knitting skills required!

Inside of Each Kit You Will Receive:
-Incredibly soft chunky chenille yarn
-Customized tote to hold all of your goodies
-An Essentials Kit packed with:
-A branded leather label
-Soft measuring tape
-Instructions card to get you set up
-Access to our online video tutorial that is yours to watch, rewind and replay!
-All packed in a cute pouch

Choose from a variety of colors and sizes:
25" x 30" - Great size for a baby blanket (human baby or fur baby!)
30" x 40" -Great size for a lap blanket
35" x 50" - Perfect medium sized blanket for draping at the end of the bed or on the back of a couch
40" x 55" - This is our most popular size and is perfect to wrap yourself up in!
55" x 70" - This is our second most popular size and is large enough for you and a loved one to share!
60" x 80" - When it comes to blankets, the bigger the better!
*Note: All measurements are approximate

Check out the easy Care Instructions below:

1. Pop off your leather label tag

2. Wash it on the gentle cycle using cold water

3. Skip the dryer - Lay it flat on a table and let it air out!

A Bit About Us:
Our company believes in giving back. We provide good paying jobs to women in our community and donate 10% of all profits to local charities - thank you for being part of our mission to make the world a comfier place one blanket at a time!