Check out the answers below! If you still have questions, shoot us an email at: GoshiGoods@gmail.com

What kind of yarn will be in my kit?

You will receive the softest and chunkiest yarn called Chenille! It is a polyester-based material which means it's vegan-friendly, incredibly soft AND machine washable!


What size should I order?

Our most popular size is the 40" x 55"! It is a medium-large sized blanket that our customers can't seem to get enough of! This is the 10 unit kit!


How do I wash my blanket?

We specifically chose this yarn because you can pop it in the wash! Here are the simple steps to washing your blanket:

1. Pop off the snap leather label
2. Place your blanket into the washing machine and set it on the Gentle Cycle using cold water
3. Skip the dryer and lay your blanket out to dry on a big table. Flip it over after a couple of hours and you are all set to continue snuggling up with it!